Name Icon Description
Alarm System Map-system-alarm.png An alarm will sound when the System this is connected to is damaged.\nDestroying all Alarm Systems in a ship will disable all Tripwires.
Core Map-system-core.png Destroy Core to complete mission.
Nuclear Defense System Map-system-destruct.png Starts a nuclear explosion anytime a system is destroyed.
Door System Map-system-door.png Destroying all Door Systems will unlock all doors
Drone Armoring Map-system-dronehealth.png Gives a 50% boost in armor to all drones.
Drone Factory Map-system-factory.png Produces a new drone enemy every 5 seconds
Failsafe Map-system-failsafe.png Provides redundancy for the ship by mimicking the functionality of the most recently destroyed system.
Flak Controller Map-system-flakcannon.png Controls Flak Cannon outside ship defenses.
Signal Jammer System Map-system-jammer.png Hides undiscovered ship parts from the player's minimap.
Juggernaut Factory Map-system-jugfactory.png Produces and controls a patroling Juggernaut every 100 seconds. Destroying its factory will destroy any patrolling Juggernaut.
Repair System Map-system-repair.png Repairs destroyed Systems - in the order they were destroyed.
Sentry System Map-system-sentry.png Controls all Sentries\nOnce destroyed all Sentries will deactivate.
Shield System Map-system-shield.png Shields connected systems from all damage.
Tanker System Map-system-tanker.png Mobile system that periodically lays hazards. Retreats upon being seen.
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