Cryptark Wiki
Name Icon Description
Alarm System None An alarm will sound when the System this is connected to is damaged.\nDestroying all Alarm Systems in a ship will disable all Tripwires.
Core None Destroy Core to complete mission.
Nuclear Defense System None Starts a nuclear explosion anytime a system is destroyed.
Door System None Destroying all Door Systems will unlock all doors
Drone Armoring None Gives a 50% boost in armor to all drones.
Drone Factory None Produces a new drone enemy every 5 seconds
Failsafe None Provides redundancy for the ship by mimicking the functionality of the most recently destroyed system.
Flak Controller None Controls Flak Cannon outside ship defenses.
Signal Jammer System None Hides undiscovered ship parts from the player's minimap.
Juggernaut Factory None Produces and controls a patroling Juggernaut every 100 seconds. Destroying its factory will destroy any patrolling Juggernaut.
Repair System None Repairs destroyed Systems - in the order they were destroyed.
Sentry System None Controls all Sentries\nOnce destroyed all Sentries will deactivate.
Shield System None Shields connected systems from all damage.
Tanker System None Mobile system that periodically lays hazards. Retreats upon being seen.