Systems are the player's strategic targets in Cryptark. The core represents the primary objective in that destroying it will defeat the ship and advance the player closer to the endgame. Each supporting system, however, will offer additional resistance, making it more difficult for the player to access or destroy the core.

The following is a list of systems in the game Cryptark.

List of Systems

Name Icon Description
Alarm System Map-system-alarm.png Protects another system with a security alarm that triggers if that system is in danger. Additionally, this system controls Trip-Laser alarm emitters throughout the ship.
Central Core Map-system-core.png Central AI Cortex that controls all systems and drones aboard the ship. This is the primary objective of the mission - destroying this target will neutralize the entire ship's defenses.
Nuclear Destruct System Map-system-destruct.png Any time a system is destroyed, it will self-destruct with a nuclear explosion.
Door System Map-system-door.png Maintains the door locks aboard the ship.
Armouring System Map-system-dronehealth.png Provides all drones aboard the ship with an additional 25% health.
Drone Repair System Map-system-dronehealth.png All drones regenerate health while system is active.
Drone Factory Map-system-factory.png Manufactures and teleports a new enemy drone every 5 seconds.
Advanced Factory Map-system-jugfactory.png Manufactures and teleports a new super enemy every 60 seconds. Either Juggernaut, Leviathan, or Vipers.
Failsafe Map-system-failsafe.png Automatically assumes the functions of the last destroyed system.
Flak Controller System Map-system-flakcannon.png Controls defensive Flak Turrets on the outside of the ship.
Hazard System Map-system-hazard.png Controller for the ship's hazards. Spawns mines. Will disable all mines once destroyed.
Sensor Jammer System Map-system-jammer.png Interferes with Tactical Map visibility, hiding the interior of the ship.
Repair System Map-system-repair.png Restores previously destroyed systems to full working order.
Sentry System Map-system-sentry.png Controls the multitude of interior defense turrets within the ship.
Shield Generator System Map-system-shield.png Protects a single system with an impenetrable energy shield.
Shuffle System Map-system-shuffle.png Shuffles the positions of all the ship's systems every 60 seconds.
Minelayer System Map-system-tanker.png Mobile system that periodically lays hazards. Retreats upon being seen.
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