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The Pioneer Suit is the player avatar within the game; a medium-sized mechanized power suit used in a variety of roles.

Initially, the player only has access to the basic Gunhead Pioneer; additional Suits and paint jobs can be unlocked by collecting and spending Artifacts, which are found during the course of Campaign and Rogue mode gameplay. Unlocking a new suit costs 2 Artifacts, and unlocking a new paint job costs 1 Artifact.

Each Pioneer has a unique active ability and starting loadout. Whilst the loadout can be customized during the course of the Campaign and Rogue modes, the unique active ability is fixed and cannot be changed. Certain Pioneers have extra passive abilities as well.


A Gunhead, in Warshark colours.

This dependable military combat exosuit has served with distinction for decades. Though replaced by newer models, the Gunhead is still favoured by mercenary and pirate organizations for its modular components and large catalogue of aftermarket parts.

  • Active: BOOST JET - Quickly dodge incoming projectiles.
  • Passives: None

The Gunhead's default loadout is 1x MMG, 1x Spike Driver, 1x Shield Generator, 1x HE Grenade Launcher, and 1x FIX-5 repair kit.

The Gunhead is the only suit available when starting the game. It's a simple suit with a simple but well-rounded loadout ideal for inexperienced pilots, and can be equally effective in the hands of veterans as well since it has no significant strengths or weaknesses. It may not have the uniqueness of the other suits, but that's not always a bad thing.

In the hands of a good pilot and fitted with a solid loadout, the Gunhead is just as ready to take on the Cryptark as any other suit.


A Rook, in the Oskar paint scheme.

This heavy law enforcement exosuit was developed to assist boarding teams in busting armed smuggling ships. After a streak of ill-fated police raids, captured suits started appearing regularly on the black market. In addition to its sturdy frame, the Rook features a powerful shield generator.

  • Active: BLOCKADE SHIELD - Full encasement shielding at the cost of mobility.
  • Passives: Kinetic Buffer (Reduced impact from attacks and explosives)

The Rook's default loadout is 1x Zapper Shotgun, 1x Tractor Beam, 1x Burst MMG, 1x Sticky Grenade Launcher, 1x FIX-10 repair kit, and 1x EMP Field generator.

The Rook is a solid and dependable suit, and probably one of the first alternative suits you'll want to unlock; its Kinetic Buffer reduces the amount of knockback and camera shake from incoming attacks, and its Blockade Shield allows a player to hunker down when in trouble (perhaps long enough to recharge the integrated EMP generator) whilst also leaving all four weapon slots free for offensive weapon choices.


An unpainted Rental Jennet.

Originally a civilian recreational chassis; this popular suit is easily modified for combat operations and is commonly seen in insurgent forces. While it lacks the weapon hardpoints available on military models, its robust frame is able to carry additional equipment with ease.

  • Active: KNOCKBACK PULSE - Push away incoming enemies and projectiles.
  • Passives: Extra Baggage (6 Item Slots), Civilian Chassis (2 Weapon Slots), Quality Ammo (+20% Weapon Damage)

The Jennet's default loadout is 1x Burst HMG, 1x Mortar, 2x FIX-5 repair kit, 2x Remote Nuke, and 2x Boomslang Drones.

Whilst the Jennet has significantly less weapon flexibility than other suits, its integrated Quality Ammo upgrade and additional item slots can make up the difference; the item slots in particular allowing Jennet pilots to pack extra repair kits, utility modules (like mines, turrets, EMP generators, etc.), and passive upgrades to further improve the primary weapon systems.


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Invented by disgruntled corporate workers, this aggressive suit type was widely used by rioters for its heavy firepower and mobility in labyrinthine asteroid mines. It carries a volatile tank of compressed incendiary ore, which it is able to dump and ignite as a crudely effective afterburner weapon.

  • Active: AFTERBURNER - Continuous boost that projects damaging flames.
  • Passives: Hazard Coating (Immunity to Fire & Slime Damage)

The Salamander's default loadout is 1x Flamethrower, 1x Saw, 1x Shield, 1x Mine Rack, and 2x FIX-2 repair kit.


An Intruder, in the Deniable Ops scheme.

This slim infiltration unit has found underground success with warring corporations for its clandestine abilities. Though not armoured for prolonged combat, it is equipped with stealth gadgets and a short ranged teleporter; allowing canny pilots to slip through weak spots in defences.

  • Active: TRANSLOCATOR - Launchable short-range teleport beacon.
  • Passives: Slight Frame (Max 5 Hull), Lockpick (Can open locked doors without a key)

The Intruder's default loadout is 1x Hushpuppy, 1x Gauntlet, 1x Reflector Shield, 1x Remote Grenade Launcher, 2x FIX-2 repair kit, and a Cloaking Device.

The fragile Intruder is a skilful, stealthy suit, ideal for those who prefer to sneak around the wrecks instead of engaging enemy forces head on. Its low maximum health means that avoiding combat is generally a high priority, and its toolkit is well-suited to evasive tactics. The Hushpuppy rifle is slow to fire, but accurate, powerful, and doesn't draw enemy attention. Remote Grenades lend a little extra firepower, too.

One of the Intruder's most useful tools is its Translocator beacon, however; the first activation deploys the beacon, and the second teleports you to the beacon's location. By placing a beacon before getting into a risky situation, you can ensure that you have an escape plan if things go south. The ability to pick locked doors and the free cloaking device further aid in the Intruder's ability to freely navigate derelicts by routing around hazards - or simply stealthing straight past ones that might be otherwise unavoidable.


A PDX-40 in Institute colours.

This prototype superiority unit never made it to full production due to safety concerns. Housed inside its blocky armoured casing is an advanced cogitational array that feeds combat information directly to the Pilot via neural plugs. In effect, the reflex time of the Pilot is greatly increased, but prolonged usage can lead to temporal dissociation.

  • Active: REFLEX ARRAY - Activate to temporarily slow down time.
  • Passives: None

The PDX-40's default loadout is 1x Cycle Rifle, 1x Javelin Launcher, 1x Quick Shield, 1x HE Rocket Launcher, and 3x FIX-5 repair kits (stacked on same button).

The PDX-40 is a large and chunky powersuit with four arm-mounted weapon slots and a standard utility slot array. What makes it relatively unique is that its Reflex Array can be activated and deactivated at any time; whilst active, time is slowed down (similar to the effect when you're at critical hull strength) and a green bar appears above the PDX, indicating how much time is left before the array automatically turns off. Its default loadout is somewhat average, relying on pilot skill for maximum effect.


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A favoured chassis for hyperlane racers and bank jackers, this suit features a short range teleportation projector, allowing it to bore small wormholes through realspace. This weaponized model has replaced much of its hot-rodded power plant for weapon bays, trading speed for firepower.

  • Active: PHASE TUNNELER - Activate to jump a short distance, even through walls.
  • Passives: None

The Weevil's default loadout is 1x Pulsar, 1x Taser, 1x Rail Cannon, 1x Frag Grenade Launcher, and 3x FIX-2 repair kit.