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Enemies represent the major opposition to the player's attempts to destroy ships' cores, and vary widely in their behaviour and capabilities. Any enemy can be destroyed if it takes enough damage, whether by weapons, items, or ship hazards.

Available types and amount of enemies on a given ship are determined by the ship's size, class, and the present tier of the player's progression into the game.

Factory systems will continually warp in new enemies as long as they are left intact.

The following is a list of Enemy Types in the game Cryptark.

List of Enemy Types[]

Name Icon Description Health Picture
Hornet Hornet Tiny swarming drones that attack with electrified shocks. 0.1 Hornet
Bomber Bomber Fire support drone armed with an explosive plasma launcher. 3.5 Bomber
Bully Bully Aggressive drone capable of pushing objects and projectiles with a powerful force projector. 6 Bully
Flak Turret Flak Turret Rapid tracking anti-aircraft turret anchored to the outside of the ship. 20 Flak Turret
Spikedog Spikedog First response drones that make quick, jabbing attacks. 1.25 Spikedog
Jackal Jackal Militarized guard drones pack a deadly burst-fire phase blaster. 3.5 Jackal
Jockey Jockey Wall mounted sniper turret that overwatches with a powerful energy cannon. 8 Jockey
Juggernaut Juggernaut Gargantuan hunter drone keen to hunt down and pacify any intruders, wherever they may hide. 15 Juggernaut
Mr. Fixit Mr. Fixit Support drone quick to restore other damaged drones to fighting strength. 2 Mr. Fixit
Picket Picket Simple point defence turret equipped with a pop-out phase blaster. 1
Warden Picket Warden Picket Durable point defence turret with advanced blaster. 3.5
Pavise Turret Pavise Turret Heavily shielded turret that requires high-damage weapons to destroy. 2.5
Sawblade Sawblade Specialized salvage drone that attacks with spinning rendering blades. 3.8 Sawblade
Casket Casket Alien stasis tank that unleashes swarms of defensive Hornet drones. 5 Casket
Heavy Sentinel Heavy Sentinel Lumbering security drone equipped with protective energy shield and rapid fire phase blaster. 9 Heavy Sentinel
Slimer Slimer Simple minded drone that sprays coolant fluid on unwanted heat sources. 5 Slimer
Ironclad Ironclad Heavily shielded drone that requires high-damage weapons to destroy. 8
Tattletale Tattletale Early warning drone that emits an alarm trip-laser at the first sign of trouble. 1.25 Tattletale
Viper Viper Alpha Threat: Nimble hunter-killer drones that seek out intruders in deadly packs. 4