Cryptark Wiki

Artifacts are collectables which can be traded to unlock new Pioneer Suits.

List of Artifacts[]

Name Icon To Unlock In Ship
Alien Artwork Alien Artwork Appears in any class. Keep the Shuffle system intact. All
Scarred Armour Plate Scarred Armour Plate Appears in Miner-class ships level 3+. No Shields. MINER
Alloy Core Samples Alloy Core Samples Requires star map to appear. Appears in level 3-5 ships. Max loadout of 15. All
Engine Components Engine Components Appears in Colony Ark level 4+ ships. No repair kits. COLONY ARK
Auto-Nav Log Auto-Nav Log Requires Probe artifact to appear. Appears in level 4+ ships. Max hull of 3. All
Processed Ore Processed Ore Appears in +4 level ships. Keep Repair system. All
Exploratory Probe Exploratory Probe Appears in any ship class. Keep Jammer system. All
Cybernetic Prosthetic Cybernetic Prosthetic Appears in any ship class. Keep Nuclear Defense system. All
Religious Icon Religious Icon Requires Cybernetic Prosthetic. Appears in level 5+ ships. Max loadout of 60k. All
Fossilized Skeletal Remains Fossilized Skeletal Remains Appears in level 5+ ships. Keep Drone Armouring system. All
Collection of Alien Skulls Collection of Alien Skulls Appears in level 4+ Foundry ships. Keep Factory systems. FACTORY
Star Map Fragment Star Map Fragment Appears in level 2-3 Warship ships. Max loadout of 35k. WARSHIP
Stasis Fluid Sample Stasis Fluid Sample Appears in Cryptark. Destroy all systems. CRYPTARK
Ancient Support Strut Ancient Support Strut Appears in Stockade. Destroy Sentry systems. STOCKADE
Assimilated Outsider Assimilated Outsider Appears in Rogue level 4. Requires Outsider Remains artifact. All
Cortex Wave Scan Cortex Wave Scan Appears in Rogue level 5. Requires Core Cerebral Tissue All
Core Cerebral Tissue Core Cerebral Tissue Appears in Rogue level 4. Requires AI Chip artifact. All
Residual Fungus Residual Fungus Appears in Rogue level 3 All
Reclamation Grinder Reclamation Grinder Appears in Rogue level 2 All
Hardwired Operator Hardwired Operator Appears in Rogue level 4 All
K-Fox the Outrider K-Fox the Outrider Appears in Rogue level 4 All
Artificial Intelligence Chip Artificial Intelligence Chip Appears in Rogue level 3 All
Outsider Remains Outsider Remains Appears in Rogue level 1 All
Teleportation Array Teleportation Array Appears in Rogue level 5 All
Live Alien Specimen Live Alien Specimen Found in Cryptark Excavation All
Exhausted Fuel Rod Exhausted Fuel Rod Appears at end of Campaign. All
Fleet Manifest Fleet Manifest Appears at end of Rogue Mode All